Megan and Her Favorite Things

  1. Resting my hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. My beloved husband, also known as my conquering hero.
  3. Our five sons. Yes, five of them, and all the baseball, Lego, and (most of the) video games that come along with them, because they also love books and tea and TRUTH and STORY.
  4. Our home library. Because I don’t really have to organize the beautiful piles.
  5. Our church family.
  6. Homeschooling. Most days.
  7. Writing for Redeemed Reader.
  8. Knitting. And not being afraid of frogging and starting over.
  9. The sound of words in a really wonderful poem or well-crafted sentence.
  10. Coffee and chocolate. Or chocolate and coffee. And tea.
  11. The beautiful gift of friendship and all the ways it overlaps with the other things I love.
  12. Baking bread.
  13. The riot of color in my spontaneous flower garden.
  14. Practicing the piano, however imperfectly.
  15. Homeopathy (when I find the right remedy).


picture of megan saben

Megan Saben is a follower of Christ who lives in Virginia with her beloved engineer and their five sons. She is a redeemed woman who reads, knits, and writes for Redeemed Reader. Megan earned a BA from Covenant College, an MA (in children’s literature) from Hollins University, and a MLIS from the University of Iowa. She spent four inspiring years as a children’s librarian in Illinois, applying her passion to matching readers with books, and now enjoys knitting and sharing literary discoveries with her friends and church family. She enjoys serving on literary committees such as the WORLD Children’s Book of the Year Award or Jefferson Cup Award, because they broaden her reading choices. She now lives happily ever after with her own Prince Charming and their five sons in Virginia, surrounded by more books than she will ever have time to read.

Megan is quite particular about which pottery mug is best suited to her favorite hot drinks throughout the day.