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“While we live in a broken world of sin and death, Something Better Coming points our children to a future life for those who trust in Jesus. Beautifully written and illustrated, Megan Saben’s book tells the story of Jesus’s power over death in the lives of the people he raised. Saben shares the gospel hope of eternal life promised to all who believe. Get a copy for your family and read it to your children. I will be reading it to my grandkids.”

Marty Machowski, pastor and author of Long Story ShortGod Made me for Heaven,
The OlogyWonderful, and other gospel-focused resources for church and home.

“True hope is not blind; it is confidently rooted in God’s perfect track record of faithfulness. True hope looks back on what God has already done and says, ‘You think that’s great? Well, just you wait….’ Something Better Coming celebrates this truth by giving families a glimpse of the wondrous majesty of a Savior who has power over life and death, while also pointing us forward in hopeful anticipation of what He has in store for us—the promise of eternal life with Him…Powerful, emotional, and profoundly good.”

Scott James, author of The Littlest WatchmanWhere Is Wisdom? and God Cares for Me

“In Something Better Coming, Megan Saben has produced an extraordinary account of the gospel. While it’s presented in a format intended for children, the message–Jesus has conquered death–is equally profound for adults. Saben’s work is a wonderful expansion on and explanation of the final words of the Apostles’ Creed – we ‘look for the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.’ Ryan Flanders’ illustrations are an excellent pairing with the text – simple in color, but full of intricate details which capture the essential humanness of the stories – both the emotional experience of death and the wonder of resurrection. Ultimately, the pairing of text and image in Something Better Coming makes for a beautiful presentation of a challenging subject – handling the topics of death and the crucifixion in a child-appropriate way without oversimplifying or glossing over the hard parts.”

Danielle Hitchen, founder of Catechesis Books and author of First Bible Basics,
Psalms of Praise, From Eden to Bethlehem, and other titles

“Megan Saben’s picture book is a beautiful blending of biblical story told in verse and emotive illustrations in soft sands and sky blues by Ryan Flanders. Joyous expectation rises with every turn of the page, and readers can’t help but join in the happy refrain, ‘There’s something better coming!’”

Amanda Cleary Eastep, author of the Tree Street Kids series and senior editor at Moody Publishers

“Something better is coming! Author and illustrator tie together three stories from the gospels to underscore the Great Story of the resurrection, and the living promise of our gospel hope. That enduring theme makes this a book for families to read and treasure.”

Janie B. Cheaney, Senior Writer, WORLD News Group

“Truly the best picture book on the resurrection I’ve ever encountered.”

Emma Fox, author of The Arrow and the Crown

“This message of hope, true eyes-fixed-on-Jesus hope, should be shouted from our rooftops and at the very least celebrated with those we love enough to read books to.”

Elisabeth M. (Kickstarter supporter)

“I think more and more that illustrations in Bible story books for kids are crucially important in forming their ideas, and literally their vision, of God, and so few of them hit the mark…The illustrations for your book are the best I’ve seen – realistic, emotional, revealing the weight of what is really happening in these stories. Kids can appreciate that – they can read faces, and they feel deeply. And the topic is so important too. So many children’s books focus heavily on Jesus’ resurrection and our going to heaven someday, but they don’t always get to the big, big picture that God will one day make all things new. I’m so looking forward to this book.”

M. K. (Kickstarter supporter)

“[T]he book resonates with the weariness that life can bring and how easy it is to keep looking down rather than up, and to forget the Christian’s hope.  Yes – God is good!”

Lydia White (Kickstarter supporter)