Humbled and encouraged.

I feel like I’m standing on holy ground, and I am in awe.

When I thanked one kind backer today, she responded, “I consider it an honor to be a part of it.” That’s a pretty accurate description of how I feel. I have never quite felt like Something Better Coming was MY book, only that it has been entrusted to me for the glory of Christ, and I am called way out of my comfort zone to deliver it.

That’s okay, because God has performed great works through His people, in spite of my inadequacies. With eight days remaining in the campaign, we are only $201 away from the goal. That’s a little over eight books. By the time you read this, it might be less. All praise to God!

You might be wondering, what happens after the goal is reached if the campaign is not officially over? I have a proposal to make.

Where would you like to see a book placed? Your church library? A school library? Local ministry? Christian outreach where children come and families need to hear of the hope of the gospel?

Tell me, please. For every $100 raised beyond the goal, I will gladly donate a copy of Something Better Coming to the next organization on the list.

I wanted to share a couple responses from other campaign backers, both humbling and encouraging:

You had me hooked in seconds. This message of hope, true eyes-fixed-on-Jesus hope, should be shouted from our rooftops and at the very least celebrated with those we love enough to read books to. (Elizabeth)

The illustrations for your book are the best I’ve seen – realistic, emotional, revealing the weight of what is really happening in these stories. Kids can appreciate that – they can read faces, and they feel deeply. And the topic is so important too. So many children’s books focus heavily on Jesus’ resurrection and our going to heaven someday, but they don’t always get to the big, big picture that God will one day make all things new. I’m so looking forward to this book. (M. C.)

Blessed be God.

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