Traditional or Indie Publishing? Keeping the ball rolling

Originally I assumed that I would use IngramSpark as a printer so that the book would be available to bookstores and libraries. But I had two concerns. First, I wanted better quality than POD (print on demand). Second, it seems that quarantine has provided opportunity for many others to stay home, make sourdough bread, and write the book they’ve always imagined. The delays were increasing. I realized that the cost of having a limited print run would leave very little margin for expenses, so I began to explore other options.

I recently interviewed Jill Morgan at Purple House Press on Redeemed Reader. She takes vintage and out-of-print children’s books and has them reprinted in high-quality resolution and binding, so I asked her advice. She referred me to a printer in South Korea and provided a contact here in the States. It  took very little consideration to make the decision.

Ryan is in high demand as a carpenter, but he spent the month of August focusing on the illustrations. I tried to be patient and not bother him too much, though I did request a bookmark design. Whenever I tell someone about the project, it helps to have something tangible to hand out, nicer than a business card–something they would want to keep and actually use, and maybe give extras to a friend. I am thrilled that Ryan is elaborating on the story in the illustrations, bringing it to life with characters who look like real individuals with real emotion, and also through the resurrection symbol of a lily. The bookmarks are printed and trickling their way into the world!

Right now I am waiting. I have been exploring crowdfunding, primarily to build up anticipation and collect pre-sales of the book. When the illustrations are ready, I plan to create a video and a crowdfunding page to promote the book while Ryan designs the layout. It is SO much easier to talk about it in person…social media is honestly a challenge, but I’m slowly learning from others.

My goal is not to find the One Right Way For Selling An Indie Published Picture Book. I don’t think I have to discover The Secret to determine a successful publishing endeavor. Something Better Coming is entirely in the Lord’s hands, and I trust Him to do good things with it. I have been SO encouraged by the inquiries of friends who ask about the book, and there is simply a lot of waiting involved. After the final layout is submitted to the printer and the proofs are approved, it will take 3-4 months for the copies to arrive. And then we celebrate!!! Lord willing, the book will be will be ready to hold in your hands in the spring. His timing is perfect, and He knows when the time is right.

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